Design Your Health Blueprint 🗓


Are you sick and tired of dieting and deprivation? Are you confused by all the conflicting health advice out there? Has food become a source of stress in your life?

Then you need to come to this workshop!

You will learn: * The DARK SIDE of dieting – what the industry doesn’t want you to know * The REAL RELATIONSHIP between weight and health * What you can do to escape the diet trap and RADICALLY IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH
You will walk away with a personal blueprint for your health that you can begin to put into action right away!

Cost is $49

BONUS: Register by JUNE 9 and receive a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY of my book “Food Fight! Ending the Struggle Once and for All”

Event Date: 06/23/18

Event Time: 9:30am – 12:30 pm

Event Location: The Conference Room on Memorial 5811 Memorial Hwy Suite 105, Tampa, FL 33615

For more information please contact Dawn MacLaughlin at

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